Revealing the secret..

Don’t get excited!!! I firmly believe  in no personal revelation on the blog.. 😉

So before the secret is revealed let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why 1% of population owns 96% of the wealth of the world?? This cannot be a mere coincidence. This is because those people know the secret and you are just going to be introduced to it. The secret is the Law of Attraction. The secret mantra is that ” Thoughts become Things’.

The universe manifests all that you thing about, how you feel, how you imagine it. Its like a Ginny to your thoughts and you r Aladdin.  But it takes time in manifesting it until you have a clear picture about it in your mind. Many people would find this impractical and stupid. So did I. Until I came across surprising real life examples myself.  I would like to share one example with you, so that you believe a little more in it.

As all of you must be aware of the series of books called Chicken soup. The co author of this Mr. Jack Canfield is one such example. He was at the lowest point in his life, very little income to survive. One day he decided that he wanted to earn $1 million in next one year. So to make it look more believable, he took a $1 bill and using a marker made few zeros to $1 million and stuck it on the ceiling above his bed. Every morning as he woke up, the first thing he could see was the $1 million bill. Eventually his work got recognized and as all of us know, the rest is the history.

So if you found it appealing or interesting do try out. Don’t forget


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