Discovered my new love…

Since along time I wanted a mode to express my thoughts, my ideas, my views, without being judged about it. Needed to just let it out. Talk about random stuff, whatever I felt like what ever appealed to me.  Just be myself!!!

I did write at times on  piece of paper, or back of my notebook page. But eventually lost it all. Wanted something permanent, something which  I can look back at, as time passes and see my evolution.  Blog seemed to be a good idea. Since the time I have started blogging, its been great. My observation, selection of words has improved.   I actually started thinking more then what I used to and as Dr. Ernest Dimnet has said ” Education is the methodical way of habit thinking”. So I would like to call it “Education- The blogging way”

It just feels awesome!!!  To let it all out in a place you are free to express anything and everything you want. I have fallen in love with blogging. Don’t know how  are my bogs, good, bad, whatever. The motto is ”Keep blogging”, ” Keep Expressing”..  Just love  doing it!! Long way to go!!! 🙂

Cheers !!!! 😉



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