All of us have some sought of regrets. regrets for the right job, life, career, We complain about alot of things that have happened to us. But i strongly beleive that ”WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS FOR THE BEST”. This is not a vague theory or something that is ripped out of some philosophical book, it is out of my personal life experiences that I can conclude this. In the near future you might not be able to see the positive outcome of the so called negative thing that you are complaining about, but in distant future you really will…

To back the claim that I have made, I would like to narrate a little story to you:

Once when Akbar cut his finger with a sword. He started howling and cursing God. Birbal who strongly believed in whatever happens is for the best, told Akbar to calm down and told him that there is some good hidden behind it. Akbar got furious and ordered his guards to imprison him and taunted him to find good in it. Days passed and Akbar went for hunting. He was captivated by few tribal’s, who wanted to sacrifice him to please their goddess.  When the tribal ‘s were about to gulliton him, they realized his finger was cut and he was not suitable for the sacrifice. So he was set free. Akbar realized his mistake and directly went to the prison to apologize to Birbal. Birbal concluded by saying that it was good that Akbar imprisoned him because if he was not imprisoned Akbar would have taken him along for hunting and since Birbal was fit for the sacrifice, he would have died!!!!!

There are certain things which are planned by the universe, which are mend to happen. Believing in the universe seems a good thing to do. Beleiving that whatever will happen will happen for the best. When the bad things happen we curse the world, people , the Almighty for doing it. But after some time if you try and realize that what you have regretted earlier is what you cherish right now. You will be thankful that it actually happened.

So guys, stop mourning, regretting and complaining. Find good out of whatever bad has happened because  ”WHATEVER HAPPENS, HAPPENS FOR THE BEST”…