What Comes Between You & What You Want?

“C’mon, you wanted to start writing a blog, today is the day. Just go for it!”

“Well, I have to finish this really important assignment that I got in office today besides I am a little tired to do anything post Office” This has been one of my excuses to procrastinate writing anything for months.
Getting time for things you really want to do like going for a jog everyday, taking up that class you always wanted to, cooking that
delicacy that you have been planning to cook for months but every time something comes in middle of what you want.
For me one such thing was getting on to blogging. Even if you really want to do these additional things, regularly seems like a big task!
You know you want to but you can’t due to the lack of time, energy, prior commitments (well,those are the excuses usually used)
I say, bullshit! It is all because we lack commitment & dedication. If you really wish to do something no matter what,  you will
find time to do so. What Comes Between You & What You Want? the answer is YOU! I don’t mean to be preachy here but this is actually the conversation that I have with myself every now and then.
So I have decided not to give into any of these excuses, rather find a way around it. I have promised myself that if nothing,


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