A Cocktail Themed Spinster!

I am feeling so excited while writing my first post for Just For Fun segment. Well recently I had planned a Spinster party
for my best friend who turned out to be a beautiful bride on 19th of January.
Unlike birthdays, anniversaries, etc., a spinster party happens only once in a life time. That is why it can be nothing less then awesome! The burden of planning the party exactly the way the to-be- bride wishes for lies mainly on the Brides Maid (That’s me)
So finally after giving it a lot of think, we settled for a cocktail theme party. Descriptively, the theme was cocktail, masquerade ball with a Dress Code: Blue or Black Cocktail Dresses.
A tiny brides made kit of a mask, whistle, fur & badges and loads of food, fun & friends.


Well, the party was a big surprise for a Bride. One by one we rolled out the games. To sum it all the party was what any girl would want Hot Dresses + Food+ Games+ Friends+ Girls time!

The Name Tagging Session



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