Getting your Act Together

Recently I have been thinking of how my life has transformed from being a happy go lucky college student with no major responsibilities to being a working professional & having hell lot of ownership & responsibility to be attended to. In the beginning it felt like things were all across the place. You barely find sometime for yourself. People start expecting things from you and you start trying to push yourself trying to live up to their expectations but you only begin to realize that it is a never ending cycle, one backed by another it just keeps on coming on to you. It just would’t end. Arrrgh!!!

I simply could not balance my life. I missed on a lot of social events just cause I was caught up at work. I just couldn’t sync in the fact that I was no more in college and I have to manage both my personal and professional life together. Here was when I realised I had grown up. No amount of tantrums or nagging is going to help me do any better. The only way I found out of this was to learn to accept the fact that my life had transformed and resistance would only cause me pain. I simply needed to change my lifestyle.

Here I stand today, 6 months of being an adult (literal terms) happy & content with my life! *touchwood* I have found my balance and am enjoying both work and life.

What I have learned in these few months is to firstly to accept the situation however bad it is. Give time and everything will be all right. Also, I learned not be overburdened by others opinion of things, living for yourself the way you want will leave you with no regrets in future. Surely, you are going to make mistake fail, loose, tumble but the sweet sweet pleasure to have attempted, will give you much more satisfaction & pride.

This is how I have got my act together! 🙂

Life Balance



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