Only people with Glasses will Understand this!

Living under the compromised visual circumstances is a daily struggle. Watching Tv and just falling asleep without leaning over to pace your glasses is something people with glasses will never experience. Here are the many problems we bespectacled folk encounter on the regular:

1) This applies specially to the fashion concious people out there. Finding the right frame for your face. You have to keep up with the latest trends in glasses, may it be rimless or huge square nerd glasses, we will have to follow it. Going through rounds of specs changes just to find the perfect fit.

2) When I look back at my old photos with specs, I am embarrassed and wonder how I ever let myself be clicked like this.

3) People consider you to be a nerd, boring and in my case arrogant.

4) Impromptu sleepovers are not an option. If I have to go for a sleepover I have to make sure that my lenses case solution and a pair of glasses are there with me. (Unless, the friend I am going over at has an extra lens case.)

5) Lenses and keeping up with the latest glass fashion burns a whole in our pockets. But who cares it is eye care after all.

6) As much as I love rain, stepping out wile it pours in glasses is a task.

7) Kissing while wearing specs is very awkward & inconvenient.

8)  Wearing specs becomes even more difficult when suffering from cold.

9) Those marks that glasses leave on your nose when worn for longer hours is a big turn off for all those who love flawless skin.

Thank God for lenses. But whatever the case maybe sometimes I love flaunting my nerd look, it definable makes me look smarter than I actually am. 😉



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