Well, this post particularly is putting some random thoughts down. I travel almost 2 hours a day to commute through and fro for work. This time is a much needed self time. I just let the thoughts pour in, analyze what happened today, what will happen, what I want, etc, etc. If you have ever traveled in a Mumbai locals, you will know that there is so much chaos around and yet I have manage distancing myself from it all and have mastered the art of transporting myself to my wander-land! Yes I am turning into a wanderer. I can aloof myself from the surroundings, the noise and the people whenever I want. Is this an art or am I weird? Well, I don’t really care because this is like a stress buster for me. Thinking out things, making things up and letting your imagination go wild is something I do here. Isn’t this interesting? And when I am done with this I have one more interesting thing to do. Looking at people around and trying to figure out what is there story like? :p

Just a Daydream Away!

Just a Daydream Away!


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