Book Review- The Immortals of Meluha

Book- The Immortals of Meluha

Author- Amish Tripathi

Year- 2010


I have an inclination towards history & mythology. I love watching mythological & historical series and also love to hear stories about it. But surprisingly the first book of Shiva’s trilogy – ‘The immortals of Meluha’ by Mr Amish Tripati, is my first mythological fiction novel ever. (Barring Ramayana & Mahabharata that I use to read it as a kid) When this book was first published and was spoken about, I never felt the urge to read it. A lot of my friend and family who know what kind of books I like, suggested this book but for some reason I was never turned on with this book, until recently.

This book is about an ordinary man who was believed to be Lord by the people of Meluha civilization. According to a popular belief in the Meluhan settlement, a Neelkanth from a different land will arrive to Mehula and finish the incomplete work of Lord Ram. The book has a great flow of thoughts, very well narrated by Mr Amish Tripathi. The character of the protagonist Shiva is very well portrayed. The story is by all means, a good one. The tempo is captivating as well. This piece of text has a story, pace and action. I wonder why this ‘book’ was rejected by 20 publishers before Amish self-published it himself. The reasoning, the practicality of the author’s writing is so believable that I was close to believing that this novel is a reality and not a work of fiction.

I started reading this book out of boredom but got so involved that I was so curious to know what happens next that I had this book with me everywhere. I even tried reading a page or two at work. :p (thank God I was not caught red handed) I managed to finish this book in 3 days. (No, I was not on a break, this was quite during the time when I was loaded with chores :P)

To sum it all up, the narration is great. There is a steady flow in the novel. But I do have a complaint with the ending. The end is very abrupt. My reaction after reading the last page was like ‘what just happened?”. But all in all it is a great piece of work. The book is very addictive. Can’t wait to lay my hands on Part 2- “The land of Nagas” Besides this Karan Johar announced to make Immortals of Meluha into a movie! Hopefully the movie will be as great as the novel! 😉