Book Review: The Secret of the Nagas

Book: The Secret of Nagas
Author Amish Tripati
Year: 2011


I recently wrote a book review on the first book of Shiva trilogy The Land of Meluhas. Now its time to review the next book. Well well, those who read my previous review know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book. I had to start the second book immediately.(You will come to know why I am saying this when you read the end of the first one)

The Secret of Nagas is full of twists and turns. The entire perspective about most of the characters in the book changes. There are moments where your jaws will just drop when the secret is revealed and few of the twists were quite predictable.

The book begins with a brief nightmare which is the result of Shiva’s guilty conscience from the time that we was a child. The story quickly moves on to the scene where the previous book was left the readers hanging. There are many new characters and kingdoms which will be unfolded in this book. The entire perspective of the Suryavanshi’s changes. Few ideologies mentioned in this book are so amazing, that it completely convinced me to believe them.

The writing in terms of literature is very interesting and better than the previous one. A special portion of the book that I personally loved is where Shiva’s uncle explains him that he is responsible for only and only his karma and no one else’s.

Well, I have already read the final book of this trilogy The Oath of the Vayuputras. But I will review that in the next blog. (I couldn’t wait to review The land of Nagas and then read the next book :p)

All in all this book is maybe not very intellectual but it is surely worth your time.