Farewell Jan!

I can’t believe that we are already bidding farewell to the first month of 2016.

Amongst many resolutions, one of my resolutions for the year was to click more, better photos & upload them on the blog. I love reviewing books but come on; everyone needs variety right? 😉

So here we go……

Some coffee and a fashion magazine is the formula for a perfect afternoon. (Barring the siestas) 😉


My new dairy is my daily dose of inspiration


Jan has been a season of weddings! One after another…. Love this time cause I get to apply mehndi!


I know this is a bad image but I had to upload it. This is a very spicy Indian street food known as the bomb. It has carved potato as the base filled with sweet and spicy green sauce, sev, coriander, raw mango amongst the other fillings. One bite and all your taste buds come alive!


Arm candy for the day!


Fruit cakes are such a good break from the chocolate cakes….


A long night drive, winter and a bon fire!


Night sky with lighted kites on Makarsankranti…. Such a picturesque moment. I wish I could have done more justice to the image.


When all fails, cupcakes come to rescue!


A special homemade dinner…


Paan…. It is the best way to end all meals


My experiments with cooking: Bread Manchurian in the making.


As I said the wedding season has kicked in and we all need a few tips on the trends this year!!! J


How is your year coming up???


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