Dubai Dairies

Hey Wanderers, I took a trip to the beautiful sand cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with my family this Feb. I am super late posting this blog since I clicked many images but something went wrong and I have very few images left with me. So I was contemplating whether to post this or not. But then I thought what the hell, I will just share with you guys my experience in the best possible way I can.

I went in early Feb and the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was breezy and warm during the day with a bit of a chill towards the night. The city is so well planned and developed. Every bit of Dubai and especially Abudhabi, speaks royalty. Here are a few snippets from my trip.

These shot were clicked before landing in Dubai. The view of the civilization in between the large spread desert land from the sky was a treat.

The man made Dubai Marina is one of the places to do fun activities in water. At night we took a Dhow cruise which offered a relaxing dinner with authentic Dubai performances, some singing and dancing too.

This is the Jumeirah beach and the ‘Burj Al Arab’ one of the best hotels in the world. The beach was filled with tourist.

The other images are of Burj Khalifa and a store at Dubai mall. Both these places are interlinked. We went “at the top’ of Burj Khalifa and the view from there was amazing. Plus we saw the fountain show that happenes every evening at the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai mall is a heaven for shopaholics. With so many brands, food joints and activities to do this mall becomes a must visit place while visiting Dubai. Some other place which are a must visit for shopaholics are the Meena Bazar and the Gold Souk.

We also visited the Global Village and the Miracle garden which are a little away from the main city. Global Village is a huge park where all the countries of the world are created and their cultural heritage is displayed. There are sellers inside each country that cell the specialty of their nation.  It is like a mini world tour 😉

The Miracle Garden is a paradise for all the nature lovers. It has thousands of species of flowers planted in various shapes and sizes to create objects. These castles made out of flowers looked like I had stepped into a fairyland.


The first image is of Atlantis which is one of the best places to live in Dubai.  The rest are just a few random structures from the Dubai skyline.

How can you visit Dubai and not visit the desert safari? The car ride over the sand dunes and the sunset were the highlights of the safari. The later part of the safari included a camel ride, dinner, fire show and of course belly dancing. This is one of the must dos of a Dubai trip.

These are images from the Dubai museum. This was a part of the city tour we took. The museum has many antiques from the early days of Dubai and a modeled representation of the history and evolution of Dubai. After visiting this museum I was amazed to see the barren land turned into a wonderful city of Dubai just by the will and perseverance.

I love dophins. They are my spirit animal. In Mumbai we don’t get to see dolphins at all. And when I got to see the dolphin and seal show and it made my day. I had a smile on my face throughout. The other image is of the huge aquarium near the entrance of the Dubai mall. It has a variety of aquatic life and it’s so huge that people can actually do shark cage diving there.

These are the images from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. To enter the mosque one needs to be fully covered.This is one of the prime sites in the city. The architecture and the intricate carving and the inlay work is exuberant.

I visited two theme parks, the IMG world of adventure in Dubai and ofcourse the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I loved Ferrari world and riding on the Formula Rosa was out of this world. It truly gives you the Ferrari experience. I loved the Haunted Hotel in the IMG park. I wanted to visit the newly opened Motiongate, Legoland and Bollywood theme park but we were running short of time.

I regret loosing the images but I cherish the fond memories made in the trip. Dubai you have been amazing, welcoming and full of fun. See you soon!


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