About Me

As my name suggests, I have an inclination towards creativity in any form. I am an MBA graduate, a Marketing professional in lifestyle & fashion industry, aspiring to live life to the fullest & in the end claiming to have had a hell of a ride. In my opinion the ultimate purpose of whatever we do is to ‘Be Happy’. Hence I find immense pleasure in small things. I am a hardcore dreamer, a self obsessed self- critic.

This blog is mostly documenting my thoughts on the books I read, with a peak into my life from time to time. I love to read and grab every opportunity, in between meetings, ad breaks while watching a TV show, while travelling and of course before I go to bed. What appeals to me most about reading is its ability to take me beyond time and place. Books are my best friend and I don’t go anywhere without them.

I like gathering life snippets and I click a lot of photos (some good, some not so much). You can visibly see this on my social media. The other things I love besides books are shopping, eating and watching sitcoms. I am a fashion enthusiast, a big time foodie and a movie buff (especially bollywood).

Some Random Things About Me!

Here are 20 random things about me:

1) I am at times completely girly and at other times a complete Tom Boy.

2) I love doing new things even if it is for a bit.

3) My most frequent nightmares are about bumping into something while driving.

4) I love scary things since childhood.

5) I wish to have an in-depth knowledge of psychology.

6) I have an unhealthy obsession for books, stationery, cheese & buttermilk. Want to bribe me, any of these will work. 😉

7) I hate missing small happiness in life so I always make it a point to never miss those moments.

8) When I read a book that is super interesting, I literally get into the characters. This is scary for people around me. 😛

9) As a kid I use to love action movies more than any other genre of movies.

10) I wish to have an encounter with a ghost once in my life.

11) I have F.R.I.E.N.D.S memorized at the back of my hand.

12) I don’t get attached to people easily but when I do it is irrevocable.

13) I can go without eating for 3 days at a stretch but when I am hungry I can eat a meal for 3.

14) I am a proud daydreamer.

15) I am awesome at solving other people’s problem, but mine.

16) I make a to-do list every day. I love striking off the things on it.

17) I roll my eyes a lot.

18) I trust my intuitions more than facts.

19) I am obsessed with color pink, white & black.

20) I am gujju but I am not fond of khamand dhokla.

That’s about it for now! I would love to hear from you. You can write to me at mydailyinsight@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing! 🙂



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kruti, sorry to leave this here but your email address isn’t working at the moment 😦

    This is Cristina with Authors, Large and Small, and we work with established and newer authors. Here’s a romance novel you may enjoy that’s literary and attempts to explore human psychology and tell hopeful stories with a dose of realism.

    Please feel free to let me know if Hazel Boyd’s work interests you and I’ll have her send you a copy of her book and the sequel! E-books and paperbacks are both available and Hazel would be glad to be interviewed.

    Thank you,



    Hazel Boyd’s Love Diaries.
    Boston author Hazel Boyd’s Love Diaries are finely crafted literary fiction pieces, illustrating through characters and situations grounded in real life what it takes to grow and maintain a relationship.
    Hazel’s characters, professional adults with lives and careers, experience various stages of love, from first attraction to long-lasting marriages. They face various hurdles, including the common issues of having feelings for someone who doesn’t return them, finding someone who does, deciding how and when to start a family, and figuring out how to share space and make everything work long term. Others face more serious problems such as infidelity and domestic violence and trauma from past child sexual abuse.

    Hazel intends her writing to be authentic but also offer some hope for survivors of difficult situations. Abuse isn’t just something that happens to those ‘other’ kinds of people – those from all walks of life can face it, and can overcome through the power of love and resilience.
    Some of her couples are straight, others are LGBT, and her intention is to show how all couples deal with ups and downs and struggles and joys within relationships, regardless of orientation. These novels also show the same events from multiple, alternating perspectives. Hazel actually wrote the second of her two books, Wanted You More, to give back story on several of the characters while moving the plot forward so that readers can better understand everyone’s point of view. Through this we can explore how our perceptions and personalities shape our views of reality. We also can go beyond the clichéd advice and truly see why communication is so necessary for building and maintaining common ground.


  2. I was wondering if you might be interested in reviewing my novella, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below.

    The genre is a combination of paranormal with fantasy and bits of action/adventure, science fiction, and horror.

    Synopsis) A geologist, his climatologist wife, two graduate students, a local newspaper reporter, an oil company representative, and a field biologist travel to one of dozens of huge holes that have mysteriously appeared in the tundra of the North Slope of Alaska. Their mission is to research these strange craters that threaten financial and environmental catastrophe should they open up under the Trans-Alaska Pipeline or any of the many oil wells and smaller pipelines that feed it. Unfortunately, a far worse danger lurks below, one that threatens to destroy all of humanity when it emerges. Who will live and who will die on Hell Day and as the team flees south towards Fairbanks?


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