Dubai Dairies

Hey Wanderers, I took a trip to the beautiful sand cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with my family this Feb. I am super late posting this blog since I clicked many images but something went wrong and I have very few images left with me. So I was contemplating whether to post this or not. But then I thought what the hell, I will just share with you guys my experience in the best possible way I can.

I went in early Feb and the weather was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. It was breezy and warm during the day with a bit of a chill towards the night. The city is so well planned and developed. Every bit of Dubai and especially Abudhabi, speaks royalty. Here are a few snippets from my trip.

These shot were clicked before landing in Dubai. The view of the civilization in between the large spread desert land from the sky was a treat.

The man made Dubai Marina is one of the places to do fun activities in water. At night we took a Dhow cruise which offered a relaxing dinner with authentic Dubai performances, some singing and dancing too.

This is the Jumeirah beach and the ‘Burj Al Arab’ one of the best hotels in the world. The beach was filled with tourist.

The other images are of Burj Khalifa and a store at Dubai mall. Both these places are interlinked. We went “at the top’ of Burj Khalifa and the view from there was amazing. Plus we saw the fountain show that happenes every evening at the Burj Khalifa.

The Dubai mall is a heaven for shopaholics. With so many brands, food joints and activities to do this mall becomes a must visit place while visiting Dubai. Some other place which are a must visit for shopaholics are the Meena Bazar and the Gold Souk.

We also visited the Global Village and the Miracle garden which are a little away from the main city. Global Village is a huge park where all the countries of the world are created and their cultural heritage is displayed. There are sellers inside each country that cell the specialty of their nation.  It is like a mini world tour 😉

The Miracle Garden is a paradise for all the nature lovers. It has thousands of species of flowers planted in various shapes and sizes to create objects. These castles made out of flowers looked like I had stepped into a fairyland.


The first image is of Atlantis which is one of the best places to live in Dubai.  The rest are just a few random structures from the Dubai skyline.

How can you visit Dubai and not visit the desert safari? The car ride over the sand dunes and the sunset were the highlights of the safari. The later part of the safari included a camel ride, dinner, fire show and of course belly dancing. This is one of the must dos of a Dubai trip.

These are images from the Dubai museum. This was a part of the city tour we took. The museum has many antiques from the early days of Dubai and a modeled representation of the history and evolution of Dubai. After visiting this museum I was amazed to see the barren land turned into a wonderful city of Dubai just by the will and perseverance.

I love dophins. They are my spirit animal. In Mumbai we don’t get to see dolphins at all. And when I got to see the dolphin and seal show and it made my day. I had a smile on my face throughout. The other image is of the huge aquarium near the entrance of the Dubai mall. It has a variety of aquatic life and it’s so huge that people can actually do shark cage diving there.

These are the images from the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. To enter the mosque one needs to be fully covered.This is one of the prime sites in the city. The architecture and the intricate carving and the inlay work is exuberant.

I visited two theme parks, the IMG world of adventure in Dubai and ofcourse the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. I loved Ferrari world and riding on the Formula Rosa was out of this world. It truly gives you the Ferrari experience. I loved the Haunted Hotel in the IMG park. I wanted to visit the newly opened Motiongate, Legoland and Bollywood theme park but we were running short of time.

I regret loosing the images but I cherish the fond memories made in the trip. Dubai you have been amazing, welcoming and full of fun. See you soon!

Unboxing- ‘The Colour Drama’ Fab Bag July’17


Hey Wanderers, we need bright colours to lift up the mood in this gloomy weather and that’s exactly what the July’ 17 Fab Bag aims at doing.  My Colour Drama July Fab Bag came in a bright pop pink colour on the very first day of the month. I simply loved the bag. The colour is so perfect for the weather.

This month’s bag contained four products:


  • Sugar it’s a-pout time! Vivid Lipstick – 10 True Oxblood: Rs 599/- The shade of the lipstick was up for choice and I went ahead with this Burgundy Red shade. The lipstick is creamy and spreads evenly on the lips giving it a matte finish. It is highly pigmented and provides great coverage. There are six more shades in this range. I have been flaunting this shade more often than the others ever since I got it. I am definitely going to try the other shades from this range.


  • Kronokare Hydrate The Hair Shampoo: Rs.165 for 55ml- This is my first time trying this brand. This came with a little brochure of the new shampoo range with a discount of Rs 200/-.    It is a travel size product and I will be carrying it with me this month on my vacation. It is a hydrating hair shampoo with natural extracts of Bergamot, Grapefruit and Orange plus it is silicone and mineral free.  It claims to rejuvenate the lost shine and silky touch.


  • Just Herbs Herb Enriched Skin Tint: Rs.385/- for 15g– This product is for someone who wants a ‘no make-up’ look.   This skin tint offers UV protection, moisturizes the skin and also provides coverage to some extent.  It is light on the skin, making it a perfect product for daily use and to carry around in your bag.


  • Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alcohol Free Toner: Rs.160/- for 50ml- This is an alcohol and sulphate free fruit toner. This is ideally the best part about it. I avoid using toners with alcohol and this one is just perfect for every skin type. It reduces the pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated. This is perfect for sensitive skin also since it is a natural product


This month’s Fab Bag is thoughtfully curated keeping in mind the necessities of the season. I have no complains and I am very happy with all the products, service and the bag itself.  The total value of the bag is around Rs 1309/-. You can buy it here.

Un-boxing- ‘Go Get it Girl’ Fab Bag Mar’17

This month I received my Fab bag by 3rd of March which made me very happy. The theme for this month was ‘Go Get It, Girl’ since International Women’s Day was round the corner. The March 17 Fab Bag had everything a girl needs to take on the world! This bag had more products than the previous two bags I received. This is my third bag and I simply love this entire concept of receiving new products every month!

I received this bronze orange color criss-cross textured bag which looked very sturdy. It had a carrying hoop on one end. Team Fab Bag had given an option to choose from a previous bag or the new March bag which was not unveiled. I went ahead with the new March bag because I like the element of surprise it brings with it and I was not at all disappointed.

Fab Bag Mar 17

This bag contained 6 products. The products I received were:


  • Seduction Las Vegas Lipstick 06 Nude Love- (Full size): Rs.180/- The shade of the lipstick was offered to choose and I went ahead and selected the shade Nude Love. I wanted something that would work for a regular work day. I liked the shade and it is enriched with Vitamin E, nourishing the lips when applied, making it perfect for daily use.                 Nail laquer
  • Sugar Tip Tap Toe Nail Lacquer Matte in shade 07 Carpe Crème (Full size) : Rs.199/- I have started using the brand Sugar after I subscribed to the Fab Bag. Sugar has launched their range on nail lacquers in 17 shades. The shade I received was 07 Crape Crème and I simply loved it. It lasted on my nails without chipping for a week.  I am going to purchase more shades from this range.                                                                                              IMG-20170326-WA0003
  • Kronokare Flower Powder Face Toner – 55ml- This is a brand that I haven’t tried in the past. This toner claims to be made of distilled flower water and has purifying properties of lavender. It reduces the size of the pores and enhances the glow. This was a deluxe sized product and I am yet to try this.                                                                              Shower Gel
  • Moha Herbal Shower Gel- 30ml- This shower gel is Aloe Vera based, infused with neem and tea tree to enhance the effects on application. It aims at detoxifying the skin and also has antiseptic qualities to prevent any sort of infections. This product is perfect for this month’s bag since the heat is setting in. This again was a deluxe sized sample product.     Sun Block
  • Ayorma SPF 40 Sun Block- 10g- Sun block is important for anyone living in the tropical region.  This product is infused with SPF 40 offering protection from the sun. It also claims to reduce melanin production and minimize skin imperfection offering a flawless skin.  Think it is quite similar to BB cream but the main purpose of this product is to offer sun blocking.  It was a little dry for my skin so I had to mix it with a moisturizer while application.                                                                                        Concealer
  • Lollipops Paris Anti Cernes Concealer-Light Beige- This product is something that I really didn’t appreciate receiving as much. I had already received the concealer in my last bag which was much better than this brand. This was a liquid concealer with SPF 15 and Vitamin E. The product I received looked a bit tampered with. I tried this product but it was too dry and cakey. I don’t think I am not going to use this again and my bag could do without this product.

In all, I received 6 products in my March 17 Fab Bag, out of which my favorite products were the Sugar Nail Laquer Matte and the Moha Herbal Shower Gel.

Fab Bag* costs Rs 1599 for a 3 month subscription! BUY ONLINE

Travel Dairies- Phuket, Thailand

Calm beaches. Clear skies!

Sand below my feet, wind in my hair.

Snorkeling in coral reef laded sea, floating in the water.

Lying flat glaring into the sky above, water underneath me.

Adventure seeking, fun-loving!

Rocking Nightlife. Lively streets.

Dancing from dusk to dawn at the twilight moon beach parties.

Fashion does at the night markets. Trying out the delicacies.

Visiting the temples, seeking blessings!

Sleepless nights, distressing aroma massages.

Experiencing the beach life at its best!

Filled with new energy, love and gratitude for this marvelous life!

Phuket you have been great to me, Hope to see you again!!!








For the love of coffee!

As coffee lovers, we all know how coffee comes to our rescue time and again. Here are a few things that all of us will agree too! So here we go!!!

Doesn’t coffee just make our lives better? Sure it does. 😉



Farwell Feb!

The second month of the year is over. I must say 2016 has been really kind to me so far…. Things have only moved upwards…. Let’s not jinx it now. 😉 Before I share the photos for the month, I would request you to make this bonus day of 29th Feb really count. 🙂

Di Bella coffee house has become my ‘go to’ place whenever I can’t think of any other place. I love the doodles on the walls and the waffles there are to die for…



I happened to visit one of the most awaited exhibitions, Design One which was held at Turf Club this month. The exhibition displayed the latest Spring- Summer trends… This giant cutesy looking cage was displayed there.



This yummy dessert at Yauatcha, Bandra is simply delicious. I am planning to do a full review of my experience at Yautcha soon.


Calming Effect!!! Nature and coffee….


A crazy, fun-filled, crazy ass night, filled with games, great music, dance, drinks and appetizers at Hopipola


When one cake isn’t enough….


Who doesn’t love gifts especially when there are dozen together? :p


I had totally forgotten how delicious jelly use to taste.


I tried my hands on khaw suey this month.. Glad it didn’t turn out to be a disaster. 🙂


Visited the very first Flo Film Festival’s inauguration ceremony. The FFF’16 aimed at showcasing through films values of women empowerment and gender equality. Mr Governer, Mr Chief Minister and Sonam Kapoor amongst many others graced the festival with their presence & kind words. It was truly inspiring….


Exotic treats from her’s bakery.


Who doesn’t like an extended weekend right?


Love curling up in my bed with some books and chocolates. …



Finally Sephora makes it to Mumbai!!!!


Farewell Jan!

I can’t believe that we are already bidding farewell to the first month of 2016.

Amongst many resolutions, one of my resolutions for the year was to click more, better photos & upload them on the blog. I love reviewing books but come on; everyone needs variety right? 😉

So here we go……

Some coffee and a fashion magazine is the formula for a perfect afternoon. (Barring the siestas) 😉


My new dairy is my daily dose of inspiration


Jan has been a season of weddings! One after another…. Love this time cause I get to apply mehndi!


I know this is a bad image but I had to upload it. This is a very spicy Indian street food known as the bomb. It has carved potato as the base filled with sweet and spicy green sauce, sev, coriander, raw mango amongst the other fillings. One bite and all your taste buds come alive!


Arm candy for the day!


Fruit cakes are such a good break from the chocolate cakes….


A long night drive, winter and a bon fire!


Night sky with lighted kites on Makarsankranti…. Such a picturesque moment. I wish I could have done more justice to the image.


When all fails, cupcakes come to rescue!


A special homemade dinner…


Paan…. It is the best way to end all meals


My experiments with cooking: Bread Manchurian in the making.


As I said the wedding season has kicked in and we all need a few tips on the trends this year!!! J


How is your year coming up???

Happy Diwali!!!


Hey Guys, wish you all a very happy and a prosperous Diwali! Diwali is the festival of lights and joy. For most people, this time of the year is like a mini vacation which we celebrate with our family. Here are some highlights of my Diwali! I wuld love to know how was your Diwali!

Date a Girl Who Loves Sitcoms

Now since I am writing a blog about this you will definitely know that I simply love watching Sitcoms in my spare time. Well, I say spare time now cause of all the work thing going on.  Anyway I have realised that girls who watch sitcoms are much more interesting and far better life partners. Don’t you think so? In case you disagree, I will give you few of the many reasons to justify this.

Sitcoms addicts are a different breed altogether. We ain’t  word leaders or great thinkers. But damn it, we can get through seasons at record speed. We definitely aren’t for the faint hearted. But if you do stick around; boy, are you in for a ride.

We might probably leap out of bed on the day of a season premier with a level of excitement that would suggest that the cast is about to materialize out of the TV set and into the living room to give a live performance. Ditto for every season finale, every normal episode in between and most probably, even the reruns.(I wish I had that time) But the patience with which we wait through every cushy season break and the even more spaced out mid-season breaks that the writers throw you way, ought to let you know that we aren’t afraid to wait – No matter how long it takes, we will be waiting for you with a smile. Just like with we wait for our favourite shows, we know that all good things are worth the wait/

We are going to talk in a language consisting solely of references to the gags of our favourite shows. And pointing out the side-effects of yelling ‘Legend-wait for it-DARY’ in a public place is probably going to be a embarrassing for you.  But the commitment with which we stick by the shows, no matter how twisted the story gets; that indefatigable spirit which lets us find something worth salvaging Once together, we ain’t going to give up on you. Because real life isn’t always perfect, much as we’d like it to be.

You need to understand why we spend so much time and energy analysing the lives of people we’ve never met, why we take every series finale as a personal loss and when you understand that shows hold so much importance it is not so much for the gags but because all the Central Perk & MacLarens outings remind us to cherish our own friends. Because I’ll Be There For You is not just some catchy song that makes for a cool ringtone; a girl who loves sitcoms will always stand by her friends. No questions asked.

 The outtake of every episode is being filed away in our brain, so that the day the One comes along, we can make ours an epic love story. Because the day you understand that is the day that the shows will take a backseat and we won’t have to ‘wait-for-it’ anymore; for we would have found ourself a new sitcom based on her life, one that will come before everything else.*



Only people with Glasses will Understand this!

Living under the compromised visual circumstances is a daily struggle. Watching Tv and just falling asleep without leaning over to pace your glasses is something people with glasses will never experience. Here are the many problems we bespectacled folk encounter on the regular:

1) This applies specially to the fashion concious people out there. Finding the right frame for your face. You have to keep up with the latest trends in glasses, may it be rimless or huge square nerd glasses, we will have to follow it. Going through rounds of specs changes just to find the perfect fit.

2) When I look back at my old photos with specs, I am embarrassed and wonder how I ever let myself be clicked like this.

3) People consider you to be a nerd, boring and in my case arrogant.

4) Impromptu sleepovers are not an option. If I have to go for a sleepover I have to make sure that my lenses case solution and a pair of glasses are there with me. (Unless, the friend I am going over at has an extra lens case.)

5) Lenses and keeping up with the latest glass fashion burns a whole in our pockets. But who cares it is eye care after all.

6) As much as I love rain, stepping out wile it pours in glasses is a task.

7) Kissing while wearing specs is very awkward & inconvenient.

8)  Wearing specs becomes even more difficult when suffering from cold.

9) Those marks that glasses leave on your nose when worn for longer hours is a big turn off for all those who love flawless skin.

Thank God for lenses. But whatever the case maybe sometimes I love flaunting my nerd look, it definable makes me look smarter than I actually am. 😉