Welcome 2017

2017 has dawned upon us, raising our spirits high with a fresh hope gushing in!

This year let’s just resolute to keep our spirits high and hopes higher.

Let’s resolute to take good care of ourselves and be a happier person.

Let’s resolute to live in the present and take more risks.

Let’s resolute to rise above the petty things.

Let’s resolute to make this year like no other.


Cheers to more living, loving, reading, blogging, enjoying. To being an improved version of ‘YOUSELF’!

2017 you are being welcomed with a big smile and an even a bigger heart.




Power of ‘Now’

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well.  I can’t believe 2016 has gone by and it’s already the last month and 2017 will soon be dawning upon us. This year particularly I have realized the importance of not pondering over the past or fretting about the future. Living in the ‘NOW’ and being in the present is the way to go. I am trying to incorporate this in my life. Yes, it is much easier said than done.  If you believe in the same ideology as me, here are a few quotes to motivate you. Have a good day! 🙂


Travel Dairies- Phuket, Thailand

Calm beaches. Clear skies!

Sand below my feet, wind in my hair.

Snorkeling in coral reef laded sea, floating in the water.

Lying flat glaring into the sky above, water underneath me.

Adventure seeking, fun-loving!

Rocking Nightlife. Lively streets.

Dancing from dusk to dawn at the twilight moon beach parties.

Fashion does at the night markets. Trying out the delicacies.

Visiting the temples, seeking blessings!

Sleepless nights, distressing aroma massages.

Experiencing the beach life at its best!

Filled with new energy, love and gratitude for this marvelous life!

Phuket you have been great to me, Hope to see you again!!!








Some Rumi Love!!!

I have been a hardcore Rumi fan ever since the time I read ‘Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak a few years back. His words fill me with unexpected emotions and unattened thoughts.. It transcends me beyond time.

Leaving you with his wisdom.


Rumi Quotes on Soul and HeartStay


Well, this post particularly is putting some random thoughts down. I travel almost 2 hours a day to commute through and fro for work. This time is a much needed self time. I just let the thoughts pour in, analyze what happened today, what will happen, what I want, etc, etc. If you have ever traveled in a Mumbai locals, you will know that there is so much chaos around and yet I have manage distancing myself from it all and have mastered the art of transporting myself to my wander-land! Yes I am turning into a wanderer. I can aloof myself from the surroundings, the noise and the people whenever I want. Is this an art or am I weird? Well, I don’t really care because this is like a stress buster for me. Thinking out things, making things up and letting your imagination go wild is something I do here. Isn’t this interesting? And when I am done with this I have one more interesting thing to do. Looking at people around and trying to figure out what is there story like? :p

Just a Daydream Away!

Just a Daydream Away!

Getting your Act Together

Recently I have been thinking of how my life has transformed from being a happy go lucky college student with no major responsibilities to being a working professional & having hell lot of ownership & responsibility to be attended to. In the beginning it felt like things were all across the place. You barely find sometime for yourself. People start expecting things from you and you start trying to push yourself trying to live up to their expectations but you only begin to realize that it is a never ending cycle, one backed by another it just keeps on coming on to you. It just would’t end. Arrrgh!!!

I simply could not balance my life. I missed on a lot of social events just cause I was caught up at work. I just couldn’t sync in the fact that I was no more in college and I have to manage both my personal and professional life together. Here was when I realised I had grown up. No amount of tantrums or nagging is going to help me do any better. The only way I found out of this was to learn to accept the fact that my life had transformed and resistance would only cause me pain. I simply needed to change my lifestyle.

Here I stand today, 6 months of being an adult (literal terms) happy & content with my life! *touchwood* I have found my balance and am enjoying both work and life.

What I have learned in these few months is to firstly to accept the situation however bad it is. Give time and everything will be all right. Also, I learned not be overburdened by others opinion of things, living for yourself the way you want will leave you with no regrets in future. Surely, you are going to make mistake fail, loose, tumble but the sweet sweet pleasure to have attempted, will give you much more satisfaction & pride.

This is how I have got my act together! 🙂

Life Balance