Fights: a bad thing. Really??

Fights!!! Fights!!! Fights!!!

Why are fights considered a bad thing? Is it really something negative?? Have you ever tried looking at the positive side of it?  When I have a fight I found  few positives out of it.

1) At times we tend to take people for granted. Arguments make one realise that.

2) It gives you time to think what wrong have you done, helps you realize your mistake.

3) One actually realizes the true value of the other person. Thus helping the bond with that person to improve further.

Apart from all this the thing that is more important is the way one resolves the fights…

So guys fight. There is no harm. But resolve it correctly. Don’t let your ego ruin something that is really special..

Discovered my new love…

Since along time I wanted a mode to express my thoughts, my ideas, my views, without being judged about it. Needed to just let it out. Talk about random stuff, whatever I felt like what ever appealed to me.  Just be myself!!!

I did write at times on  piece of paper, or back of my notebook page. But eventually lost it all. Wanted something permanent, something which  I can look back at, as time passes and see my evolution.  Blog seemed to be a good idea. Since the time I have started blogging, its been great. My observation, selection of words has improved.   I actually started thinking more then what I used to and as Dr. Ernest Dimnet has said ” Education is the methodical way of habit thinking”. So I would like to call it “Education- The blogging way”

It just feels awesome!!!  To let it all out in a place you are free to express anything and everything you want. I have fallen in love with blogging. Don’t know how  are my bogs, good, bad, whatever. The motto is ”Keep blogging”, ” Keep Expressing”..  Just love  doing it!! Long way to go!!! 🙂

Cheers !!!! 😉


twilight fever returns…

This started a few years back.. I was so bored of attending lectures that I thought of going to the library and getting something to read. So fiddling with the books , my hands laid on this book with a pretty couple on the cover page. Looking at the cover page it was pretty much obvious that it was a love story. I am not much of a love story person ( at least back then). I went through the synopsis.

At start I was pretty amused with all the vampire and werewolf thing, but as I started reading the book, the first line I remember and will never forget was  ” Have you ever given a thought on how are you going to die?? But dying in arms on someone you love seems  a good way.Surely it was a good way to die, in the place of someone else, someone I loved. Noble, even. That ought to count for something”. This was very usual for a normal love story start. So i finally decided to give the book a try. Line after line, Page after page, the curiosity built up.

The characters in the book started appealing to me.I have a tendency to imagine the characters actually in front of me. The reality quotient started to rise day by day. I started empathizing with them, sympathizing with them and eventually fell in love with the characters. After a certain point of time I could relate to a few situations ( gladly or sadly not with the super natural beings. )This was not all. I spread the twilight fever amongst my friends who at start were very resistant about it, but eventually fell in love with it too. Book after book. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, etc.

The films made it more appealing and made it more believable. With time their were distractions and the craze reduced and now after a long time, while cleaning my bookshelf found the entire series. I could not control myself from reading it and the Twilight era started again.

Stephanie Meyer, great job with the series. Many books and sitcoms have started with the twilight concept as the base. But the original will always remain unmatched. The bar set is high and with every book and movie is increasing and proving to be the best vampire fiction all the way.

Revealing the secret..

Don’t get excited!!! I firmly believe  in no personal revelation on the blog.. 😉

So before the secret is revealed let me ask you a question. Have you ever wondered why 1% of population owns 96% of the wealth of the world?? This cannot be a mere coincidence. This is because those people know the secret and you are just going to be introduced to it. The secret is the Law of Attraction. The secret mantra is that ” Thoughts become Things’.

The universe manifests all that you thing about, how you feel, how you imagine it. Its like a Ginny to your thoughts and you r Aladdin.  But it takes time in manifesting it until you have a clear picture about it in your mind. Many people would find this impractical and stupid. So did I. Until I came across surprising real life examples myself.  I would like to share one example with you, so that you believe a little more in it.

As all of you must be aware of the series of books called Chicken soup. The co author of this Mr. Jack Canfield is one such example. He was at the lowest point in his life, very little income to survive. One day he decided that he wanted to earn $1 million in next one year. So to make it look more believable, he took a $1 bill and using a marker made few zeros to $1 million and stuck it on the ceiling above his bed. Every morning as he woke up, the first thing he could see was the $1 million bill. Eventually his work got recognized and as all of us know, the rest is the history.

So if you found it appealing or interesting do try out. Don’t forget